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ITNEA   Sponsorship and Events Hosting 


The ITNEA works closely with sponsors and hosts to provide events and services to its members. We work with a core sponsor to the ITNEA and with a small number of other sponsors and hosts on specific aspects of the ITNEA activity.  Sponsors and hosts contribute to the ITNEA running costs and pay directly for events they sponsor.  The ITNEA limits its sponsorship arrangements to avoid overlap/confusion and to provide a range and quantum of services matched to the needs of members.  Sponsorship may be on a continuing basis or for a single specific event.

Those interested in gaining visibility within the focused ITNEA membership through sponsorship should email ITNEA Sponsorship  .  Please indicate areas of interest, company summary and web site, contact name and telephone, or ring us at 0845 644 7020.  Please note that our 450+ members sit on multiple boards.  While the core membership criteria is a NED role or chairman role in a listed IT company our members are also directors in a range of sectors and both listed and unlisted companies. A recent analysis of near half our members indicated an average of three + companies per member (counting each company only once)

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