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Association for Non Executive Directors and Chairmen - NEDs & Independent Directors - Founded 1998 *


The ITNEA ceased operation in April 2017.

We would like to thank the members and sponsors or their support that made the ITNEA so successful over the years.  In 1998 we held a pilot meeting with the support of our prospective first sponsor and have been active as the ITNEA since the first members meeting in January 1999 until closing this month

This site will remain open with its current contents for a while until is is edited to more of a historic record.

 Nov 2016



Welcome to ITNEA.NET -  The site for Chairmen and NEDs and those seeking to recruit them

ITNEA is the UK association for Non-executive Directors and Independent Directors (NEDs / NXDs) and Chairmen of listed IT, Telecommunications and related Media and Technology companies - some times also referred to as Telecommunication, Media and Technology (TMT) or Information & Computing Technology (ICT) companies.  Fuller information on the Association and its objectives can be found at the page  The Association .  The Associated was set up and run since then by individuals with their own chairman and independent director portfolios - qualifying members.

ITNEA in brief 

*    ITNEA has over 600 members, holding some 1500  directorships between them, across many sectors. 

*    Member directorships range from private start-ups to FTSE 100 companies, in most sectors, both UK and international.

*    To qualify for membership, members must hold a non-executive directorship or Chairmanship of a quoted technology company (or a relevent executive directorship of such where the person has or is seeking a non-exec role) - see Critieria for more details.

 *    There has been no charge to join ITNEA, or to attend the events, thanks to the support of our sponsors.

 *    We typically hold 2-3 dinner meetings a year and occasional lunches, with 50-70 members attending each time.

 *    Member communication is primarily by email, for speed and the convenience of all concerned.

*    We help organisations searching for Chairmen and Non Executive Directors (and similar roles) by putting them in touch with our members. Director advertising service

The objectives of the Association are:

*    Networking:  Act as a networking forum for non-executive directors and chairmen, giving them the opportunity to meet and discuss the particular issues faced in these roles with others in similar positions - in the context of technology businesses and listed companies.  Executive directors with relevant similar backgrounds and interests are also welcome to participate.  We draw to members' attention important lobbying opportunities subject to current focus.

 *    Non Executive Director and Chairman appointment opportunities:  Provide members with information on non executive director and chairman and related appointments and other opportunities through an advertising service open to companies and their advisors and agents.  For further information re director or chairman search see:- NED Recruitment and Chairman Recruitment - advertising and search across the membership

Search for NEDs and chairmen, ITNEA   The members have met several times per year, often with a guest speaker covering a topic of importance to members. Meetings are structured to facilitate member networking.  Past speakers have included many leaders in finance, business and government including: the e-Envoy, The Director General of the CBI, the Director General of the IoD, financial analysts, Chairmen / CEOs of  FTSE 100 and 250 companies, ministers, venture capitalists, a leading M&A advisor, legal and corporate governance specialists, leading venture capitalists and many leaders from the corporate world with both UK and international businesses.  Members are occasionally invited to attend functions with a wider audience, arranged by our sponsors or other relevant organisations. 

Key Information Pages:

Appointments: The advertising service for chairmen and non-executive directors, from a members perspective.  See NEDs and Chairmen search from the perspective of those seeking to make the appointments

Membership Criteria  Information on the criteria for individual Directors and Chairmen to become members

Director Advertising Service: .Services for those seeking Non Executive Directors and/or Chairmen.

Meetings, Past and Future  Summary notices of planned meetings and summaries of past meetings

Papers and Articles On topics of interest to chairmen and Non Executive Directors.  Mainly ITNEA related sources.

The Association:  Further information on the ITNEA its workings and its objectives

Contacts and organisation 

News and Next meetings:

Next meeting - (see meetings)



2016  The NED advertising service is used to seek non executive directors, chairman and related roles in listed and un listed companies as well as for other relevant opportunities that might match members profiles. For those seeking to recruit non executive chairmen and/or directors or for other roles with a similar candidate profile, the ITNEA provides a highly focused non executive director advertising and search / recruitment service for companies and their agents - NED search / NED advertising.  As most members have experience in the listed and unlisted sectors and many in not for profit and government sectors, the service can be used for director roles in such sectors or for other roles seeking similarly qualified individuals. For members seeking further NED appointments the ITNEA provides information on companies who are seeking to recruit candidates from the membership.  Client comments include:  “The response was fantastic".  "The quality of the people we met was excellent."  "In the end we decided to go with A for the prime role and to retain B as an adviser/non-exec.“

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